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The quoting of an aphorism...rarely indicates that something helpful is about to happen.
The first thing you should know is that I am no scholar, nor am I an epicure. In fact, I'm no less than taken aback to find that I've wound up maintaining something as sentimental as a log of meaningful quotations since 2007. scrapofpaper is an oddity to me because it functions as if it were a (fairly scruffy, painfully temperamental) bibliography; it feels like I'm keeping a physical list of my favorite songs tucked under my pillow.

In spite of such intrepid strangeness--well, here it is, piecemeal and insignificant and lovely. If you'd prefer to stay out of the way of a compilation that is so errantly updated and so scarcely pithy, I'd recommend checking out wurds, literaryquotes, or even greatpoets if you've patience to read, like, whole entire actual pieces and not merely fragments. You may even notice that many of the entries here were flat-out lifted from the above.

Of course I understand the appeal of reading someone's personal choices, and those of you who see this allure are welcomed here. Please don't feel like you're intruding on my personal asylum because this isn't it. If I were to have something as solemn as a personal asylum it wouldn't look like an unlocked LiveJournal community, I assure you. You're welcome to watch this page without being marshaled in, and you're even more welcome to comment whether your mission is to swoon, disseminate, mock, high-five, or carouse.

One final note: I do not cut for length, but I will cut for triggers. I try to be as mindful of this as humanly possible, but I am sure there are many topics of which I am unaware that may trigger others. Please, if you want to watch this community and ensure that I cut for a certain trigger, PM or e-mail me to let me know. I don't want anyone who wants to follow scrapofpaper to have to feel like it's a dangerous place for them.
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